Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AALR | facelift time

AALR is getting a little makeover so posts will be coming... 

Friday, October 24, 2014

ART | sffas young collectors

October 24, 2014
4-7pm at Forst Mason Center, San Francisco

One of the things I love most about the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show is that collectors from all over the world feature only their best. Everything is perfectly curated and for the most part you are witness to pieces that you may not see otherwise. This year however, I am particularly excited to attend the 'Young Collectors Night'- A concept on introducing people into collecting by showcasing affordable items.  

They will have live music, cocktails and tours of the show. It's great for everyone but as a resident of San Francisco, and living amongst this young new wealth- I would love to see them get more involved and become more educated. I know many find "antiques" to be a dated thing and often intimidating but it's far from that. You can mix pieces and art it into your contemporary lifestyle while still building something that appreciates in value.

I'm excited to see what they have and for those who can't make tonight's event - they will be opened tomorrow. 

warning: none of the below would be for the light spender. I will update us on my  favorite finds this evening.

{Mallet Antiques is always one of my favorites from the show}

{Ambianic may be my new favorite this year. Love this mid century credenza}

{Carlton Hobbs is known for their level of rarities}

{ I have said it before...I love vintage b & w photography. Peter Fetterman Gallery} 


Monday, September 29, 2014

STYLE | in case you missed this

{vintage LV}

In case you are in pursuit of the next best thing and have a little extra money for splurging- I have just the thing. 

Christie's is holding an auction which is compromised of every girl's fantasy or shall I say wish-list. Birkins, Hermes, Chanel, LV's...the list goes on. Unfortunately, you only have about a day left to bid but well worth it since prices for these leather goods are typically off the charts expensive. So when I say it's a deal- I mean, it's a deal. The most appealing part is you can do it online and not have to physically wave your little paddle around to snag these sought-after items. And not to misinterpret're still bidding, but without the fussy stuff. 

Although difficult to narrow down, here are my favorite picks inspired by Fall season.
Click here for the sale.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

STYLE | crochet top

One of my absolute favorites things to do is to step out of San Francisco and have a quiet day in Mill Valley. I love being surrounded by Redwoods and away from all the city noise. 

I had not planned on posting this outfit but my mom insisted- and for a first-timer how good was she at taking my pictures?! I love wearing statement tops because the rest always falls into place. And lately all I want to do is wear jeans- so fun tops is what I've been shopping for lately. I picked up the robin's egg blue with the shoes and accessories and I think the subtly of it all made it feminine and not overdone. This crochet piece is one of my favorites right now.

top: trafaluc
jeans: jbrand
shoes: oldie, similar here
turquoise jewelry: gifted 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

STYLE | the find

Photo credit: CR Fashion Book, Photography by: Pierre Debusschere
all photo credit via

Obsessed. I have been following the infamous Carine Roitfeld as she continuously surpasses the bars she sets herself. In her latest issue, no. 5, of CR Fashion Book, she features Beyonce in the most artistic version of herself and the whole shoot deserves some serious praising. 

I love imagery that not only illustrates fashion to drool over, yet more-so when it's interpreted as a piece of artwork. It combines the two together to do just that and really sets the magazine/book apart from anything I've seen. Yes, even Vogue. Each photo was better than the last and I can honestly imagine, and predict, these hanging at some future exhibition down the road much like Mario Testino's are now. 

If you don't know about CR Fashion Book- check them out. The best way I can describe it is in their words:
"a celebration of fashion and creativity, irreverent in spirit and timeless in style a platform for groundbreaking styling, photography, and features from the most celebrated creators in fashion and art, as well as a new guard of rising talent a place to discover intriguing people and inspiring imagery, constructed around each issue’s specific theme an innovative format that combines the collectible aspect of a book with the energy of a carefully curated fashion magazine..." -CR 
{This is probably my favorite from the shoot}
Photo credit: CR Fashion Book, Photography by: Pierre Debusschere
{The Queen B} 
Photo credit: CR Fashion Book, Photography by: Pierre Debusschere
 Photo credit: CR Fashion Book, Photography by: Pierre Debusschere
Photo credit: CR Fashion Book, Photography by: Pierre Debusschere

Photo credit: CR Fashion Book, Photography by: Pierre Debusschere