Friday, August 29, 2014

STYLE | normcore fashion?

{my perfect idea of normcore fashion- keeping it simple but flattering}

Unpretentious, average looking - the plain the better - pedestrian street crossings becomes the catwalk. Apparently. At least that's what Vogue told me about Normcore fashion. 

A trending term that landed on the scene this year but one I have been very confused about. How is this a "new" trend. Haven't I been sporting this, or all of us, should I say since circa 1984. At first I thought it was a ruse. A joke on tourists who roam the streets with oversized jeans, baggy sweaters, sneakers and fanny packs. Aren't these articles the staple of "Oh hey I'm just visiting and going to take a hundred pictures in the middle of the street even though you're trying to drive"? It's a little Zoolander isn't it? Or does it simply mean we've been ahead of the trend. When I say "we" I mean the States. This style has has been prevalent here for decades. Just live in San Francisco. This is the norm! (pun intended). 

I don't know. I just think with fashion it circles back over and over until we run out of ideas and now we're back to mom jeans and big sweaters. And I know this sounds cynical, but I'm all over it. In fact, I know a lot of people who would be bursting with joy if they found out they can freely stroll the streets in sweatpants and be deemed as 'fashion-forward'. Especially those who already do it! And I for one love dressing up, but I'm also just as happy to live in comfortable clothing. Though, maybe not sweatpants. 

SO! If someone is telling me to dress it down and not care about labels!? Hey, I'm in. I'm just stoked I'll be considered a "high-end pedestrian". 

How do you feel about Normcore fashion?

{keep the jewelry to a minimum - instead work with accents that pop on your lips and nails}

1. oversized sweater : topshop
2. high-top sneakers: vince
3. cross-body bag: rag & bone
4. jeans: joe's jeans 
5. nail polish: butter london
6. lips: mac 'we're back'
7. sunnies: nasty gal

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

STYLE | fun ways to layer black

A lot of black. A little edge. A little mess makes for a perfect background.

Lately, I've had this very laissez faire attitude towards picking my outfits- so wearing black sits very well with me. It feels a lot like 'paint by numbers'. It never fails me especially when I am having a 'what the hell is going on with my hair and make-up' kind-of-day. Not to say there is no thought behind the final look- but even with little effort, you can't really go wrong with it.

In fact, my take is this- go nuts with it!  A stark color deserves some good layering. l love mixing different textures, leather and accents when I am going for a little more sass. And of course when you have shoes like these....a little attitude doesn't hurt. 

{hard to see in images but the pants have a floral pattern with texture to them}

leather jacket: oldie - similar here
pants; shirt : zara
shoes: bcbg
sunglasses: ray bans
jewelry: tiffany & co. and dogeared
lips: mac 'good to be bad'


Monday, August 25, 2014

ART | layers of graffiti art

{Tasteful vandalism?}

One of the things I love most about this city is our freedom to be creative and expressive. As the case with this graffitied wall I discovered on my way home. I can't help but wonder - who are the talented individuals responsible for this? How were they not caught? - assuming this was the case. What was the message behind the work?

I shamelessly admit that I am just now starting to get on board with graffiti art but trying to understand it much more. I don't mean tagged walls with offensive writing- but real art. I.e. a well thought-out concept such as this. Where as before I would look at it from a different lens and oftentimes, or almost always, walked by it without giving it a second glance/thought. Since my arrival to Reverie Arts I've been re-introduced to this medium while meeting a handful of well-known 'under the radar' graffiti artists. I've learned, like any organization, graffiti artists are very exclusive within their own circle- and privacy is everything to them. 

Now I catch myself treating graffiti the same as I would a canvas.

{I love finding these surprises. An instant facelift to this part of town}


Friday, August 22, 2014

STYLE | how to wear pearls

Sure, Audrey Hepburn rocks them in the classiest way imaginable, but as much as I would love to squeeze into a fitted black dress everyday for the sake of pearls- It's just not going to happen.

However, my thoughts are this....pearls are always classy and dress you up no matter what the attire is. With a busy schedule, I don't always have time to carefully curate an overly thought-out outfit. But there is a contrast of wearing pearls that I especially love when the rest of me is going for basics. It's keeping the look feminine- don't you agree?

Now go enjoy your Friday!

It's been requested to list my wardrobe, so here you are!
Blazer: Zara
T-shirt: Vince 
Pearls: gifted
Jeans: Sisley
Shoes: Halogen
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Oversized Bag: MK
pc: Gloria Suarez 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

STYLE | green pants

I am obsessed with these emerald green trousers since it's a color I wear well and is easily styled in different ways. They're fresh, fun and transitional. On this occasion, I chose to pair them with a classic black blazer- since it's the midpoint to a perfectly polished look that takes me from work to dinner. It's chic and not so serious. 

In previous looks I have worn them with a white buttoned down, nude pumps and a bold orange necklace- which achieves an entirely different look. I may have to post a repeat of that soon. 

I especially loved the juxtaposition of shooting in nature to mirror the color of my trousers. It's so effortless. 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

LIFESTYLE | travel

Crazy morning! I am thrilled to say I will be going to San Diego this weekend to celebrate my brother and sister's birthday this weekend. And of course as usual last minute. 

But traveling, no matter how short the flight, is always stressful. And if you're anything like me- I hate being the person that lugs around a big carry-on only to find out I can't even lift  it and end up standing in the aisle like a deer in headlights until someone offers their help. gasp...

SO! I always choose to travel light and the most successful way of doing this- is by creating a list. I note my essentials and pre-pick every outfit for each day I am away. A must-do! It's definitely a challenge committing to an outfit but avoids overpacking. 

Now if I can only learn to commit to an outfit at home versus the usual five wardrobe changes - I would be set....

{Very into crochet- beach ready perfect}


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

STYLE | polka dots

Today's post is summer inspired. Suffice it to say polka dots are a timeless pattern and one of my favorites. I love its versatility hence why I mix and match this often. It's dressy when I pair it with black trousers or a black pencil skirt, but looks so chic even when I downplay it with jean shorts. 

I'm so all over chunky sandals right now which I think tied the whole look together. Add some chunky accessories, a bold lip and you're done! 

Thanks for reading...


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ART | nwblk

{Graffiti wall as you pull up}

I cannot process that we are now in August! Anyhow busy as ever- but was inspired by one of my favorite designers, Steven Miller, during our meeting yesterday at his showroom, The Nwblk.

How I've never been here before? I do not know. But I was impressed. My brain pretty much functions as such : From utterly obsessed to uninterested. And this was for sure...obsession. Picture a grand scale industrial warehouse comprised of two floors with carefully curated furniture, lighting, art and a design studio. 

Everything was minimal but well thought out. I would say my two favorite picks would be the graffiti wall that greets you as you're pulling in and the phonetic wall as you enter. I admit I did have a bit of a challenge reading it- but was so creatively done! Nwblk I couldn't agree with you more! They just rock the design world. They are "utterly" perfect.

Can you read it? 

 {Yaffe Mays Cradle Chair - Nwblk}

 {This BBC Chair is not only cozy but swivels! -Nwblk}
{Can you deal with this origami made of copper