Monday, September 29, 2014

STYLE | in case you missed this

{vintage LV}

In case you are in pursuit of the next best thing and have a little extra money for splurging- I have just the thing. 

Christie's is holding an auction which is compromised of every girl's fantasy or shall I say wish-list. Birkins, Hermes, Chanel, LV's...the list goes on. Unfortunately, you only have about a day left to bid but well worth it since prices for these leather goods are typically off the charts expensive. So when I say it's a deal- I mean, it's a deal. The most appealing part is you can do it online and not have to physically wave your little paddle around to snag these sought-after items. And not to misinterpret're still bidding, but without the fussy stuff. 

Although difficult to narrow down, here are my favorite picks inspired by Fall season.
Click here for the sale.



  1. Oh Louis! J'adore! Maybe one day... ;-)
    Love your blog, keep going! :)



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