Sunday, June 29, 2014

STYLE | midnight flower

It took me a while to convince myself to buy florals (in general) since it's been so mainstream for some time now. So when I walked past these pants, I was a bit hesitant because a). wasn't sure I would love them and b). thought they would be too bold and "look at me" pants. However, in the words of my younger sister, "YES you have to buy them!" 

I'm so happy I did because they're different than what I normally wear and were such a hit. 

I loved this particular print because it combines so well with everything. The navy blue let's you mix it up as I did - A white crisp top, army green jacket and nude pumps which tone everything down.
Next time, I'll go for a denim top and flats for a fun casual look. 



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  2. Your pants are absolutely gorgeous! I love your effortless style :)

    1. It was actually a comfortable outfit too!

  3. Those are some gorgeous pants and I love how you styled it! It looks amazing with the jacket and statement necklace.


  4. I just bought these Zara pants myself, they are so lovely! I love how you paired them with the khaki shirt and the big statement necklace

    X Sara

  5. Beautiful look, you're stunning!
    Mafalda ❤

  6. I absolutely love those pants and this outfit in general ! I am so scared of printed pants but I want some so badly, there is this really great green silk trouser type at Topshop right now that I am really considering buying ! I may just bit the bullet and buy them and try to pull them off as best I can haha <3 You pull yours off so well !


  7. Hi Jessica- thank you! Very unlike me to wear that but loved it. For a more casual feel I want to wear it with a denim shirt . This shoot was actually featured on Asos :). I say buy your pants! xo

  8. Tell me about the necklace, please.


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