Friday, June 27, 2014

LIFESTYLE | brushes

Start your week off fresh with this simple tip many of us forget: Clean your make-up brushes!

I had a girlfriend mention that she's gone a couple months without cleaning them and I cringed. Over time, your make-up brushes develop oil, dirt, bacteria and rubbing that on your face would be the equivalent of using a mop to apply your make-up. Right!? Cleaning your brushes also keeps your make-up from looking muddy. 

The best part is you don't have to spend money on expensive make-up cleaners... 

How to:
-In a jar, add Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It has to be a gentle shampoo so as not to ruin your brushes.
-Fill up the jar half way with warm water (remember, once you add the brushes the water rises). 
-Place the brushes facing down, inside the jar. 
-Wait about 1-2 hours while they really soak up. 
-Take them out and facing down, run them under warm water until you see the water clear.
-Lay them out to dry and voila!

I find it best to do in the evenings, so that they dry overnight and are ready to use in the morning. Do this at least every 2 weeks. 

Enjoy! Thank you for reading. 


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