Thursday, July 24, 2014

STYLE | summer make-up

It is my humble opinion that unless you work at a cosmetic boutique, make-up should be applied sparingly during the day. The evening is another occassion. 

This simple look {which I love using during the summer} is achieved in 4 steps: 
For my eyes I use Indianwood by Mac. Underneath my eyebrows I use Benefit's soft highlighter - which helps to open up your eyes more. For my cheeks I use Amour by Nars and on my lips is Snob by Mac. I use no foundation or concealer for this look since I love giving my skin a break. Not to say I don't use it... but for days when I am not in meetings with clients and running simple errands I just don't do it. It keeps my skin healthy and makes up for days when I do apply heavily. 

Big tip: Always moisturize. 

I hate using cliché phrases such as 'less is more'.... but oftentimes it's true. 



  1. Are you using a powder or liquid blush? I am also trying to simplify my daily make-up but I never feel like powder sticks the way it should without the foundation base... Probably just my weird paranoia!


    1. Hi Catherine - I am using the powder. If you moisturize before, I find it lasts and applies better. I wasn't using foundation on this post. But, when I do I always spray Mac's "Fix" afterward to make sure it lasts all day. You'll love it. I think it's basically cucumber water.


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