Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ART | nwblk

{Graffiti wall as you pull up}

I cannot process that we are now in August! Anyhow busy as ever- but was inspired by one of my favorite designers, Steven Miller, during our meeting yesterday at his showroom, The Nwblk.

How I've never been here before? I do not know. But I was impressed. My brain pretty much functions as such : From utterly obsessed to uninterested. And this was for sure...obsession. Picture a grand scale industrial warehouse comprised of two floors with carefully curated furniture, lighting, art and a design studio. 

Everything was minimal but well thought out. I would say my two favorite picks would be the graffiti wall that greets you as you're pulling in and the phonetic wall as you enter. I admit I did have a bit of a challenge reading it- but was so creatively done! Nwblk I couldn't agree with you more! They just rock the design world. They are "utterly" perfect.

Can you read it? 

 {Yaffe Mays Cradle Chair - Nwblk}

 {This BBC Chair is not only cozy but swivels! -Nwblk}
{Can you deal with this origami made of copper


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  1. What an interesting place! So many cool pieces, I love the look of that chair!

    -- Michelle |


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