Thursday, August 14, 2014

LIFESTYLE | travel

Crazy morning! I am thrilled to say I will be going to San Diego this weekend to celebrate my brother and sister's birthday this weekend. And of course as usual last minute. 

But traveling, no matter how short the flight, is always stressful. And if you're anything like me- I hate being the person that lugs around a big carry-on only to find out I can't even lift  it and end up standing in the aisle like a deer in headlights until someone offers their help. gasp...

SO! I always choose to travel light and the most successful way of doing this- is by creating a list. I note my essentials and pre-pick every outfit for each day I am away. A must-do! It's definitely a challenge committing to an outfit but avoids overpacking. 

Now if I can only learn to commit to an outfit at home versus the usual five wardrobe changes - I would be set....

{Very into crochet- beach ready perfect}



  1. I never manage to travel light...I am the expert in overpacking and i hate it...i always say i have to think of outfits but then I end up adding one more and another one...


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